Published: 2023-12-31

Melanoma awareness programs and their impact on the life of Australian Queenslanders: A concise analysis

Naila Rasheed


Metabolic consequences of flavonoid and saponin extracts from Gongronema Latifolium leaves in offspring of rats that consumed sucrose during lactation

Cynthia Nwaewu Okokwu, Bond Ugochukwu Anyaehie, David Chibuike Ikwuka, Amechi Katchy, Okwute Michael Ochayi


Anticoagulative activity of Commiphora gileadensis, aspirin, and heparin on blood coagulation profiles in naïve mice

Ayman Saeed Alhazmi


Periodontal health status in patients with lung cancer: Case–control study

Pooja Singh, Umesh Pratap Verma, Ajay Kumar Verma, Prashant Gupta, Anjani Kumar Pathak, Rameshwari Singhal, Shalini Kaushal


A comparable risk of extensively drug-resistant typhoid fever in the pediatric cohort during the COVID-19 pandemic

Maria Khan, Maria Tasneem Khattak, Amina Gul, Muhammad Riaz, Fatima tu Zahra


Prescription practices of physicians, quality of care, and patients’ safety: A mixed methods comprehensive study

Muhammad Ahmed Abdullah, Ameer Sikander Ahmed, Babar Tasneem Shaikh, Mohammad Bilal Kaleem, Abdullah Sumbal, Zahid Naeem